This listed building is located in the Bubeneč residential district in Prague 6. It was built in 1872 in the Neo-Renaissance style by a prominent industrial businessman and collector of artistic monuments, Vojtěch Lanna, as a summer holiday home. The villa is located on the site of the former main road of the "better Prague society" to its main recreational area, Stromovka. The building is decorated on the outside with frescoes, which were made by Viktor Barvitius according to the paperboards of Josef Mánes, who also participated in the fresco‘s decoration of the interior.

On the ground floor of the villa there is an entrance hall with a reception and two social halls with a rich wall painting. The smaller hall (originally billiard’s hall) with a capacity of up to 18 seats is ideal for holding gala lunches or dinners. The larger social hall with the possibility of an outdoor terrace is suitable for conferences, seminars, weddings or family celebrations.

On the 1st floor of the historic building it is possible to use the lounge with a beautiful terrace and a view of the maintained garden of the villa. The newly opened and restored tower with a view offers a breathtaking view not only of the nearby surroundings of Villa Lanna, but also of the ZOO or Troja Castle with the adjacent vineyards. The permanent exhibition of the famous graphic artist Oldřich Kulhánek serves to make your free time more pleasant. The renovated garden with several benches and a gazebo invites you to a pleasant sitting or walks at any time of year. Of course there is secure parking in the area of ​​Villa Lanna. More information about Villa Lanna can be found in the section "They wrote about us"

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